PPT 2013 Templates

Our tutorial on PowerPoint 2013 templates is still very popular, but it’s “just” a tutorial. Many people want ppt 2013 templates to download, so that’s what we have published here on this web page. We have a paltry selection (four!) free to download templates for your delectation; two are 3d, one is stylish, and one is just plain ugly – yet functional (you decide which is which!).

Each image above is linked to its PowerPoint 2013 template, so clicking on it will open up the template in PowerPoint. From there you can save it to your hard drive with a deft ctrl + s. But remember kids – these templates aren’t for republication anywhere, and you can’t pass them off as yours. It’s ok to use them for presenting or teaching your own material, though.

As an alternative to actually opening them up here in PowerPoint, you could, instead, right click on an image and select “save target as”, or similar, to save the presentation directly to your computer. Job’s a good ‘un.

We are testing the water with these free templates. If they prove as popular as we anticipate them to be then there will be more on the way!