Get An Image From PowerPoint

Suppose someone sends you a PowerPoint presentation that has an image in it that you want to use for your own purposes. How do you get at that image? Ignoring the obvious copyright concerns for now (always make sure you have permission to use such an image), there is a way to save the image to your computer.

Open up the presentation in PowerPoint and select the image by clicking on it. Right click on the image and select Save as Picture.

Notice that the Save As window tells you what kind of image you are saving. Here, I am saving a .jpg image:

Other common image types are .gif and .png.

Notice, also, that PowerPoint assigns the name Picture1 to the image. This name will get incremented with every image you save. If I were you I would rename the image to something meaningful so you’ll be able to identify it more easily in the future. Navigate to a location on your hard drive where you want the image to go and then click Save.

Slide Master

You have to be able to select an image on a slide to be able to save it. However, you may encounter some images that simply refuse to be selected. If you have an image that you can’t select, regardless of where you click on it, the image may have been inserted on a slide master.

To view the slide master, click on the View tab and then in the Master Views group click Slide Master.

This opens up a whole new tab and selection of slides running down the left of the workspace. Each slide represents a different layout that you can insert in the Normal view in PowerPoint. They act like templates for a slide, and any images inserted on a slide master will appear in the background of a slide in Normal view.

Locate the slide master that has the image, select it and then right click > Save As Picture. From there save it in a location of your choosing. Once you have finished with the Slide Master view, click on the Close Master View button to the right of the ribbon.