Powerpoint Background

You need a special looking PowerPoint Background, we have a whole smorgasbord of stylish PowerPoint Backgrounds, so it’s only natural that we get together. Avail yourself of the following sumptuous selection of PowerPoint backgrounds. They are free to download and use – as long as you don’t redistribute them on your own website or website profile (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, pinterest etc.).

I have to tell you, the images shown here are quite small. Click on any of the thumbnails on this page and the full splendour will be revealed.

You know, I look at these images and I think wtf? What was I thinking? Whatever, they are there and they are free to use, within restrictions of course.

This next PowerPoint background is biased towards the top. I was thinking that you would probably want a lot of space to hold the content of your presentation, so I put the graphics at the top. Graphics in the header, content in the middle. You decide whether that’s a good idea!

These cubes look sexy don’t they? But how would your content appear over the top of this background? I suppose you could reduce the transparency of the background, but it ain’t what you’d call a neutral background.

Dominoes. You know the domino rule don’t you? There is no rule!

Funny girder things:

We have many more weird looking Powerpoint Backgrounds, but they are beyond the pale. If we run out of decent ones they may make an appearance, but I doubt that day will ever come.

Adding A Powerpoint Background

OK, so now that you have downloaded one of our stylish PowerPoint backgrounds, how do you add it to your presentation? Open it up and then decide: do you want the background to appear on one slide or every slide?

If you want the background to appear on every slide, you need to add it to the slide master. Go to the View tab and click on Slide Master…

But that’s for another tutorial.