Disable Save to SkyDrive In PowerPoint 2013

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s “cloud”; online storage where you can store your Office documents and access them anywhere. By default, when you press ctrl + s to save a new presentation, you are presented with Backstage View, where SkyDrive is just one possible place to which you can save.

Here you get to choose what type of location to save your presentation to: whether it’s somewhere in SkyDrive, on your computer’s hard drive, or another new location. However, some people will only save documents to their own computer, so this needless extra screen will quickly become a nuisance. People who work in an office environment often work on a network and share documents using that network. SkyDrive is irrelevant and redundant to them.

How To Disable SkyDrive

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to disable the save to SkyDrive option if you decide you don’t need it.

Click the File tab > Save:

Near the top you’ll see a checkbox for “Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving files“: check that box. Now when you ctrl + s on a new presentation, you will be presented with the familiar Save As dialog window.

If you want to really speed up your save operation when you find yourself saving to the same location time after time, you can amend the Default local file location value (see image above) to be that location. Then, when you ctrl + s, the Save As dialog will open at that location. All you have to do is name the presentation and click Save.